If there’s one aspect of my magick that seems to be working, it’s if I’d like (not need) to hear from someone, and I imagine them contacting me, chances are I’ll hear from them later in the day.

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This morning I’d casually been wondering how things were going in Aaron‘s game, and sure enough he called me in the afternoon to pick my brain some more. His next session is tonight, and he wanted to run the ideas he’d had by me for a complex magical labyrinth he was planning to put his players through. So we discussed it at length and I made a few suggestions that he’ll be adopting (namely the idea of swapping doorways for dimension door mirrors to increase the disorientation). Here’s hoping it goes well.

I also ran into the woman I’d met a few days ago at the chiropractor again today, and apparently she was really anxious to talk again, this time about herself. We ending up conversing for almost an hour, and though what we discussed was very personal for her, the crux of it was she was looking for ways to expunge negative energy from herself, and so I gave her a few tips on grounding and meditative visualization techniques she could try, as well as some more broad-stroke magickal concepts that I thought would be useful for her to understand. She definitely had one or two moments where I could see where she was starting to understand some of the stuff I was going on about, and blowing her mind ever so gently. She seemed to take my advice seriously, so I hope I’ll see her again next week and get an update on how things went.

I ran around after that and made a stop at both Home Depot and Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up more supplies I’d need to finish my Fire Wand as well as build the glass topped altar I want to use for the Summer Solstice ritual. Not ready to start on that yet, but I always feel better when I know I have the supplies I need to start working when the time is right.

In the evening I spent most of my free time working on more behind the scenes stuff for The Reliquum.com blog, but felt like I wanted to do at least something concrete, so took a little time to work on something small.


I’ve decided that (since it is a Fire Wand after all) that I’ll be using my trusty wood burning tool to inscribe the angelic sigils on the sides of my wand. However, the tool doesn’t have a circular tip the right size to create the perfect circles I’d like to have as part of each sigil… so I thought I’d try to make my own.

I found a small screw that has the right threads to allow for it to be screwed into the wood burner, and from my “bits box” I found a small copper piece that’s the perfect circumference for the sigils’ size I’d drawn, and was fashioned in such a way that the bottom will produce a ring shape, which is what I need.


So, I just mixed up a little epoxy and glued the the copper piece to the screw and let it cure. I imagine the epoxy will endure even the maximum heat of the tool once it’s hardened, but I actually have no idea if it’ll actually work, so we’ll see when the time comes. Otherwise I’ll be eye-balling those little circles on the wand and doing them by hand.

I had a little glue left over, so I figured I’d reinforce the stones attached to the copper unicursal hexagram I have for my Water Cup’s lid… for whenever I get the balls to actually go through with that little craft project…


Thursday 6/2/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Aries-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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