Something very unprecedented (and personally challenging) happened to me today before our guest arrived. It’s worth noting perhaps for later, but for now I’m not ready to write about it.

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My wife and I were treated to a visit from fellow O.T.O. brother Wimsaur Madivhan  who’d traveled up from Virginia and would be spending the night. He came primarily so my wife and he could continue to rehearse for the Equinox Ritual they’ll be performing tomorrow.

I helped them run lines a bit, but mostly was grateful for the chance to have a few hours to myself to get more writing done on Black Knight. But aside from that, we all spent a great evening talking magick into the wee hours, and as a gift for our hospitality he presented us with one of his custom orgonite pieces, which was quite kind and unexpected.

Wimsaur is quite the talented Tarot reader and after he proposed us playing a free form story-telling game based on random draws of the Tarot, we got to talking about ways to create more structure to such a game… and after explaining my theory that the Zodiac order mirrors/follows the Hero’s Journey (in the Campbellian sense), and the game should be based on using/completing that framework (and so “points” are scored based on how close/creative the correspondences are) we actually might have some ideas worth developing into a finished product.

One more for the to-do list…


Saturday 9/19/15

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Sagittarius

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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