As, I’d (faithfully yet humbly) expected, I’m already starting to observe positive repercussions from Saturday’s ritual, and (all in alI) feel like there’s a new (and potent) energy in the air which will envelope all those who entangled with the energies raised that night.

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Today, my wife in particular seems to be reaping an Abundance of all the things she’s felt she’s needed lately, and has been reporting receiving big bursts of insight and very strong visions ever since stepping into the role of Archangel Uriel. I can only smile gratefully.

As for me, after a long silence, I’ve finally heard from my friend Dave who is going to be helping Kevin Storm and myself to launch a Kickstarter for a new high end edition of Serial Artist. Dave laid out the tax realities for me, discussed my potential options, and so now Kevin and I have some discussions to have with each other (and our publisher) before we know what our next step needs to be.

I was also pleased to see other Lodge members had also taken a few pictures from Saturday’s ritual, and here are a few that Soror Hypatia Kaye has posted.

Brother Alex standing ready at the altar.


A great shot of Brother Alex’s beautiful ceremonial tea set up.


The feast commences!


But for today, I was kind of a loss of what to do with myself. I did try to do a little bit of world-building meditation for Black Knight, but I had trouble focusing and eventually decided I’d try to zone out and just paint miniatures a bit.

I’d reached out to new B.R.U.W. player Nate to get his feedback on what sort of color scheme he wanted for his half-orc barbarian, and he decided on a very neutral pallet of steel and sandy colors. I really like doing my best to fulfill (or even exceed) a player’s vision for their figure, so I’ll really try to work on playing up the subtle differences of different types of grey metal.


Also, I couldn’t help myself and began doing the first under painting for the giantess figure I’ll be entering in Reaper Miniatures upcoming Official Quarterly Reaper Group Bones Painting Contest. The contest asked contestants not to post works-in-progess, but I imagine that’s to the actual Reaper Facebook group, and that I’m fine to post that stuff here. She’s barely started yet, but I think I’m going to have fun painting my “Snow Queen”.


Tuesday 6/21/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Capricorn-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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