I’m doing a lot of juggling today with fellow magicians I know to see who could be interested in filling in for the role of Archangel Michael in the upcoming Solstice ritual… and perhaps more importantly who will be able to make the practice this Sunday. Fingers crossed. It’ll work out, I know it will.

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So, while everything is up in the air, I’m not going to go into who I talked to, other than most people are interested, but most also can’t make the dates we need them to.

But, that aside I’ll show you what’s become of my recent castings. The two pillars I cast in both yellow then red came out very interesting… fiery even. and it gives me great hope for the Fire Wand, which I’m going to let cure for another day I think (72 hours are recommended if you cast something thick, so better safe than sorry with this).


I also pulled out those City Builder corner pieces I cast. I always understood why they used metal dowels rather than casting the originals all in “dwarvenite” as the resin of the male plug could easily snap off in the female slot, but in my case the epoxy’s shrinkage really made that seem to be a non-issue, as none of those nubs are even long enough to get snapped off.


The real question was whether they’d work for gaming purposes on the battlemat, and it turns out they will.


The pieces honestly aren’t the prettiest, and there’s plenty of distortions, but they don’t have to be perfect, they just need to hold up the walls and roofs… which they do, so assuming I can duplicate the walls and floors (can’t see why not) I should be able to really fill out a city street one day.

It’s the weirdest thing, I don’t think the Water Cup lid had this kind of shrinkage problem (if it did, the hexagram would likely have been exposed) so who knows, maybe I got the mixtures off… wouldn’t surprise me if it was something like that…


Thursday 6/9/16-

Sun: Gemini-

Moon: Leo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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