Today’s been an interesting day.

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To start with, a good friend of mine Holly Golightly has reported that a digital comic site (who won’t be named or linked to) has stolen the files for issues of Tarot Witch of the Black Rose (created by her and her husband Jim Balent) and is offering them for free online. This company is very well hidden, digitally speaking, and she has no real legal recourse against them, which has made her understandably upset. She is quite literally one of the nicest people I’ve even known, and when Holly is angry, I think the Universe takes notice. She’s also a practicing witch, and so her recourse now is to cast a hex on these folks… which I’ve offered to help with.

We’ve discussed the best times, astrologically speaking, to do this, and have settled on Tuesday the 19th, when the Moon moves into Libra (which should be a good time to balance the scales/get some justice). And sunset is the hour of Saturn that day… apropos in my opinion. My suggestion then, was for her to sigilize an intention about the generally catastrophic repercussions of people stealing her and Jim’s IP, share that with me and other magickal comrades, and we’ll charge our (black) candles with it and light ’em at the appropriate time. Then maybe they start printing that sigil and a disclaimer in their Tarot books. Something like “Please don’t steal this book, but if you did, sorry it’s too late, you’ve now seen my hex sigil. Nanny-nanny-boo-boo.” I dunno, something like that.

Also, the actual site that’s hosting this blog is finally up and running, and before long I’ll be making these entries actually online, to be read by people and everything. The site needs lots of content still, but I was able to at least create a new header for it. The Reliquum logo was actually created many years ago by an old college buddy Nick Senior, who’s now a big-time hot-shot graphic designer in Chicago now.


And William Blake Lodge is in need of a new decal for the front window/door of our building, and I’ve volunteered my design services again. The Lodge Master would like some variation on my postcard design, so I’ll play with some ideas.


Wednesday 4/13/16

Sun: Aries

Moon: Cancer

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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