Have you noticed anything different? The sun seems a little brighter maybe. Time seems a little faster. Some things that were hard seem easier… other things that used to be easy now seem hard…

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I dunno. Maybe if you’re like me your sleep rhythm is all off too. I am sleeping for longer and more restlessly than usual. There may be other factors to that as well, but it all feels like some grand forward momentum I still need to acclimate myself to better. There’s another light-worker mass mediation later this month I’ll be contributing to as well, as its been said “even if we’re on the right track, we have to keep moving or we’ll get run over…” It’s all connected.

Of course, Brother Enlil reports all positive results since the eclipse’s meditation, though I’m hardly surprised he’d be the one to adapt quicker… for him I’m sure it feels like coming home, but a part of me will probably always miss third density.

Supposedly we all graduated. We now are operating on a higher consciousness frequency and its up to us to shape what that’s going to look like. I will say, magick does seem easier these days, and Jenny believes there’s a hunger now in many people to understand esoteric ideas.

While my latest video just crested its 50 view, the initial is now over 14k views (with over 3k on part 2) so while all in all there a clunky element to my presentation of these ideas, hopefully those who are there to learn it find my material of service.

I took a quick stab this week at the video edits of my next video, and I was at least able to clear out the section that was causing it to repeatedly crash last time. Of course, I only go so far until I managed to make it crash again, but at least I feel like I can jump back into work on it when I can give it due focus.

I’m excited because it looks like I can start to expect the rest of the recordings from the Red Moon Roleplaying guys (and hopefully Aaron’s too) to start arriving this month. I’m really excited to finally get those episodes all edited together. It really has the potential to turn into something great.

On a related front, our latest Adventure Hook episode went live this week on Patreon, and while probably not our very best, it’s still a pretty fun episode, especially for fans of the Planescape setting.

We also settled on this version for the final promo art for Episode 19, which is probably the more marketable… or at least the more funny… of the two.

We plan to record our next episode this week, which will bring us to an even 20 regular episodes. It already makes me think about getting Blackspire’s 19 episode edited before the end of the month, as it’s my turn to edit this Adventure Hook episode as well… but as it’s not due out until early March I’m not really worried.

Unless I keep sleeping like I have…

I’ve also tried to get back into a yoga routine, but haven’t been able to make it stick like I have in the past (but I will). I can’t blame the sleep thing here really, nor do I think they’re directly related, but it may also be that I’m much busier in my day job than usual.

I don’t talk about that stuff here, but I have new responsibilities (and new opportunities) that will continue to occupy my attention for the foreseeable future as well. I try to compartmentalize these duties with my creative and spiritual ones… and I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to give each the attention I do, but yeah… maybe it’s a little stressful… and maybe I need a little magick help too.

Fortunately I can do that part as well… with just a little candle magick…

And Jenny has also been hard at work perfecting her technique of creating magick staves (many inspired by Icelandic magick). Here are just a few samples of her work that will eventually go up on her Etsy site… which as it turns out WordPress has a widget for, so in theory we can perhaps sell these right from this site too.

We’ll have to see… for now just feast your eyes…

ABRAHADABRA – A Jenny Original

And this weekend with the last of the russet potatoes from Gather Baltimore I made Jenny her favorite dish



Monday 2/4/19-

Sun: Aquarius–

Moon: Aquarius (NEW)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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    1. We have indeed! We use them quite a bit actually and really appreciate using high quality cast iron. It makes a huge difference! Thank you again for letting us pick through your awesome stash.

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