One of the birthday gifts from my wife was a beautiful black lace covering she crocheted for me as a covering for my Water cup. It is really elegant and really helps thematically tie together my tool set.

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Crocheted Lace Covering for my Water Cup

Wimsaur had asked my help in repairing his phurba (ceremonial dagger) which had cracked at one of the joints and the head had become wobbly. Using my handy wood burning/soldering iron, and some of my dearly departed grandfather’s old skool solder (I like to use his tools whenever possible) I spent more time than I originally estimated to get that stubborn little bugger to finally hold fast, but as I haven’t actually soldered anything for more years than I can remember, I was definitely rusty, and so it was a fun little exercise to reacquaint myself with the “medium”.

This was made doubly difficult, as it is another magician’s sacred object, so I had to be sure to never actually touch it with my bare skin, and only handle it while wearing cotton gloves. Check one more off the To-Do list.

I also got my tablet back from John at Baltimore PC Repair. He’s my go-to guy for all things computer related (so I highly recommend his services if you’re in the Baltimore area), and he helped get me upgraded with the programs I’m going to need to create (among any number of other things) the Monomyth game board. I really need to focus on more of my “behind the scenes” stuff for this blog, but it’ll be good to have the tools when the time comes to work on that.

Also, one of our cats, Bast, has been sick all this week, so we scheduled another house call from the Harborside Mobile Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Hawkins and her assistant Lee operate out of a fully tricked-out RV and can perform everything from checkups and medication to full surgical procedures. I now have four week’s worth of antibiotic treatment to fight her viral infection. I can’t recommend their services highly enough, especially if you work from home without a car during the day like me (or have a cripplingly agoraphobic cat like our oldest one Grimmy is).


Thursday 10/15/15

Sun: Libra

Moon: Scorpio

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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