Perhaps it’s my pending birthday, but I’ve had some strong twinges of nostalgia of late, even as I look forward to all kinds of new stuff (many of which is barrelling down on me…)…

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I picked it up this week but am still working to get the sexy new machine John from Baltimore PC Repair put together for me up and running. So far though, the speed compared to my current machine is beyond compare, and I’m really looking forward to editing some new episodes on it (which I really really really need to get to). I should be able to get moving on that this week.

Still, I did manage to finish up part two of the edits for the Legend Lore episodes Aaron and I recorded for the Red Moon actual-play shows. There’s no rush for us to release that, but I wanted it in the can. Really it’s the Legend Lore we did about the haunted Charnal House for Blackspire Season 1: Episodes 12 & 13 (A Homecoming Paved in Ashes) I should finish the edits on, but I really should probably start to edit the actual S01E12 episode first..! Fortunately that show is next on my list to do… unfortunately it’s scheduled for (Patreon) release on the 14th of this month, so I don’t have much time.

Once my new computer is at full capacity I’ll get right into it though… This is also the first episode I plan to use the Cryo Chamber music for, and really want the processing speed to handle all the huge files that is going to entail…

And, I’m not sure how I feel about this mock-up, but I did manage to throw together a serviceable design for the next Adventure Hook episode promo. I never meant for it to be some piece of high art, but I think it conveys the idea… plus I was pretty happy with the content of this episode and wanted to play around with some of the imagery I’d come up with…

Adventure Hook – Episode 12: Stop the (Magical) Slave Trade

For Aaron’s part, he put together an updated version of the Adventure Hook logo, which I daresay looks pretty snazzy…

Adventure Hook logo

We also launched Episode 11 of Adventure Hook this week, which given how we almost doubled our listener-ship in September over the previous month… and given we have three AH releases this month, including Episode 13 (due out the week of Halloween) which features our special guest Tim Seeley October will likely have an even stronger month than that!

Episode 11: Some Mystical Thing

Aaron’s also been brainstorming all kinds of ideas for his Ravenloft game, and naturally the tie-ins to our collective Universe, and so I’ve even gone and pulled a bunch of my old 2nd-3rd edition Ravenloft supplements (included my complete collection of the original Van Ricten guidebooks) and have all sorts of new ideas percolating now as well.

However, Jenny and I have long been planning another weekend camping and spent all weekend with friends at Cunningham Falls State Park (in western Maryland). We both enjoy these opportunities to “unplug” (I was pleased to not get cell service at our campsite) and I always end up flashing back to my many years as a Cub/Boy Scout, and am still able to put those many skills I’d learned into practice…

And of course synchronicity should find me even there… for what should I discover in the campground’s free library but Book 1 of the Prydain Chronicles (which I enjoyed so much as a boy). I’d definitely mentioned Book 2: The Black Cauldron (and the Disney movie adaptation) in at least two different episodes of Adventure Hook (even once citing “the book was better”) but having not actually read them myself since before I was even Taran the Assistant Pig-Keeper’s age, I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the story as an adult.

Lloyd Alexander’s “The Book of Three” (Chronicles of Prydain: Book 1)

I particularly appreciated the elements of Welsh mythology Alexander had incorporated into his own world (this being written in the 60’s I imagine it was an expression of the “Frodo-revolution”) but I especially appreciated how sublimely it (intentionally or not) adhered to all the major beats of the Monomyth (as well as a few tangents my Hero’s Journey map also highlights)…

And in truth the book was written for young readers and clocks in at a mere 200 some pages, so I was happy to just spend a nice long day by the campfire and finish the story by the time night had fully set in and it was time to turn in…

Campfire at Cunningham Falls State Park

Obviously I’m back in civilization now, but even one full 24 hour period of just Nature was a real vacation.

Now, time to get back to it!


Tuesday 10/2/18-

Sun: Libra–

Moon: Cancer (50% Waning)

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For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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