It’s quite fun to collaborate with someone who’s creatively very similar to yourself. I had another gaming call with Aaron today where I laid out my whole “Ao (Portfolio: Sacred Geometry) and the Elder Gods” concepts to him, and how his Hound of Tindalos was the same as Kezef the Chaos Hound, and the same Fenrir… and that he could borrow from the Norse legend of Tyr and the wolf to explain some of the Lovecraftian elements (and yes, then use the Ain/Soph/Aur of Qabbalah to explain those deities as well…).

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Turns out, while he’d not taken any of this approach, it did fit seamlessly with his own machinations, and now he has the secret behind the god of Protection’s murder of the goddess of Magic. Did I lose you? If you followed all that, you’re OK in my book…

And while I’m not yet ready to bite the bullet and purchase the $300+ worth of equipment we’re going to need to start recording our B.R.U.W. gaming sessions for the YouTube webseries I’ve proposed, I do think we can get started scripting the “landing” video, and once we know what that will entail, we can start putting that together, so I’ve emailed my fellow gamers with my thoughts on this.

We definitely need to come up with a name for the series. We could use “The Raven and Phoenix Company” (named for the familiar and animal companion of two of our PCs) but I don’t think that really communicates what the series is about, so we need something a bit better…

I’ve also asked them all to provide, with as much detail as they can, a write-up of each character’s complete backstory, and then a “history of their deeds” up to the current campaign. The GM in particular I’d also asked to get his versions of the same info for each character, as well as providing a more comprehensive campaign backstory. It is his campaign, so we want to frame “campaign structure” stuff in his context wherever possible. Hopefully they’ll get me enough to work something great up with.

I also finished up all the wall pieces, and enjoy the subtle differences in color piece tp piece, even though I dry-brushed them all using only one color from the Citadel Dry Paint Set.


I bet you can’t guess which color from the set I used…


Saturday 5/14/16-

Sun: Taurus-

Moon: Virgo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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