So… apologies for the long silence, but I was growing weary of “talking ahead of myself” and resolved to hold off on any new posts until I had something complete to talk about.

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I will say though, I was definitely right about those five planets in Aries being the start of some new big things.

First up, Jenny and I are now an aunt and uncle. My sister gave birth to little Yáhzí last week, and we got to spend Easter with him and my family this Sunday.

Sooooo cute….

Jenny put together for us a marvelous spread of tapas-style delectables, but the crowning jewels of the feast were the parma prosciutto-wrapped asparagus over white bean paste and a “thai street food” dish called “Galloping Horses” (kinda like a spicy pork lettuce taco) which were out of this world and got completely devoured.

As for Jenny this month, she (after a long arduous search) finally landed a new, full time job that was exactly what she was looking for, with duties quite in line with her Virgo nature. And she got offered that job on the New Moon, exactly when those five planets were in Aries… told ya… She has had more than her fair share of struggles getting here, but the Universe continually proves to have our back, and the gratitude that has pervaded out house the past few weeks is palpable, and (I believe) setting even greater things in motion…

But for myself, that New Moon ended up spelling something totally different for me. The long story short was The Friend let me know that some people at the Theosophical Society were a little upset in appearing in my original Magick 101 lecture. I never intended for anyone but me to appear on camera, but that’s a result of my lack of technical skills, and so was no excuse. What this forced me to do however, is completely re-edit that lecture using only slides and text (a few seconds at a time), so that way no one who was there appears on camera.

I cannot even begin to tell you what a massive undertaking this ended up being… not that I’m complaining. It necessitated getting updated software, and basically learning, and then relearning (and relearning again) the tools of Windows Movie Maker, and created my best attempt to cobble together a series of videos that are at least semi-competent.

Now, almost a month later I can say that the countless (I hazard to guess hundreds) of hours I spent tweaking and re-tweaking my material, I now have the hour and a half+ Magick 101 lecture finished, posted, live (as well as the Magick 102 material being made public again), and ready to be viewed… which is just in time, because this Sunday I’m giving my next talk: Magick 201 – Crafting Items for Spellwork, and I really need to buckle down this week and hammer out the details of that talk. I have plenty of thoughts, I just need to get them in order…

I’ll also be making a trip next month to visit Aaron for his 40th birthday, and take a little recreational trip to Colorado. I hope to use the opportunity to really hash out stuff for Blackspire, for Black Knight… and oh yeah, his game too I guess…

Now while I do eventually plan to give the 102 lecture the same re-editing makeover I gave 101 (provided I can figure out how to interlace slides and video without disrupting the sound) with this off my plate for now, and 102 “good enough” to follow for the moment, I’m just going to collect the material for 201 this week, but will probably shelve working on these videos for a while so I can focus on other things. I’ll get it together eventually, but hopefully interest in my Reliquum Channel starts to grow in the meantime…

I’ll also post some of the better resource slides from my talks to this website in tandem with the lecture, so people who would like them for reference can have them without having to pause the video or whatever…


The Qabbalistic Tree of Life


Zodiac Signs, their Elements and Mottos

Planets and their Mottos

Planets with Rulership/Exaltations

The Magickal Days & Hours

The Pentagrams


The Five Elements




The Fifth Element


The Qabbalistic Tree of Life (including Da’Ath)


Tuesday 4/18/17-

Sun: Aries-

Moon: Capricorn

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

One thought on “The Silence Treatment

  1. Absolutely awesome videos. Thank you. I think that I understand Magick a lot more now. You tied up a lot of loose ends that were rolling around in my head. The color charts with symbols and correspondences helped immensely, making it clear and more concise in my mind. Bravo. Keep up the good work…the friend.

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