It’s been a weird week of getting back to a lot of basics for me… apropos I suppose with all those planets still in retrograde.

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But first off… what a great party!

I’m quite pleased to report that the BBQ Jenny and I threw last week was a great success! We had a couple dozen folks show, and were able to reconnect with a number of friends (many we’d not seen in years), and all in all it was quite the ballyhoo. We keep that one simple, burgers, dogs, drinks, and great people and we went as late as we could until we hit our limits… some more gracefully than others.

I’m the less graceful one here, is what I’m trying to say…

However, I’ve never been more convinced of the existence of Jung’s Animus or Shadow Self than when I let mine out to play a bit… that sounds ominous in context of such a great time, so I’ll just leave it at that… chalking it up to yet another learning experience.

Another epic gathering for the books!

On the podcast front, I’ve finally run out of the comfortable grace period I’d built for myself, and so jumped back in to editing another episode of Blackspire. Saying Hello on Window Hook Row (Pt 3) is basically one long hour and a half of a combat encounter… of which we make it through three rounds… The irony here is my challenge is making sure the fight scenes aren’t boring… especially when I have seven players, each with their own frequency of interjections…

Music naturally helps.

I owe so much to all the royalty-free music and sound effects that are out there. But with most songs averaging between two and five minutes, stretching that out over scene after scene to make 1:30 ends up taking a lot (especially with only a few repeats, and those have thematic ties).

And again, while I admit perhaps my mind should have been quite as blown as it was finding all the ways a song might overlap a scene just right… but even still, the synchronicity on display in (again) more than just a few moments while editing along has got me jiving right along, rather than even giving me pause any longer. Indeed… if someone told me that Kevin MacLeod and David Feslyian were actually friggin’ angels sent to Earth for the sole purpose of writing music just so it would sync up perfectly (down to the second) with the various beats and moments of the Blackspire (and even Adventure Hook) podcast episodes… I might very well believe you.

Probably blowing it out of proportion, but at times it is pretty cool how it all comes together with so very little forcing, so to speak. Season 1: Episode 8 (S01E08) Saying Hello on Window Hook Row (Pt 3) comes out this month on the 20th on Patreon and the 27th in the main feed, so listen for yourself…

I also hit my 300th episode download of Blackspire this week, which given it’s technically so new it hasn’t even hit episode double digits yet I’m going to take as a good sign…

I also finished up the final edits of Episode 8 of Adventure Hook, which comes out next week on Patreon, and the 20th in the main feed. It’s a fun, kind of off the wall episode where we took the random hook “The body of a person bearing strange wounds is found in an improbable location” and using the lens of a Swashbuckling theme we ended up with a kinda “Pirates of the Caribbean meets Eldorado meets Mutiny on the HMS Bounty” sorta scenario.

Probably not our best show, certainly not our worst…

Aaron and I also went ahead and recorded Episode 9 of Adventure Hook this week (for release on Labor Day) which we’re calling Countdown to the Full Moon. I still need to go back and listen to it, but Aaron thought it went well. I still need to mock up the promo for that episode and edit it once I have Aaron’s track but there’s time. I’m really excited to record Episode 10 as it deals  I also have another creation for our Patreon next month too I need to get to, but I’ve had something else burning a hole in my brain that keeps demanding my attention…

And that is naturally my prep work for the upcoming session I’ll be running for Aaron and the three Red Moon Roleplaying guys. They’re all had a chance to review the character materials I’ve prepared for them and even favored me with a few flattering compliments about my writing which was of course nice to hear. While they’ve each had various levels of inquiry since receiving their resources, everyone seems pretty engaged and excited to play.

I’m excited too. And nervous. Clearly I like these guys and want to impress everyone involved… including myself…

In a way I’m over-preparing, as I know I’m best when I just wing it, but I have so much nuance and texture I want to bring to this experience… especially given how bland the adventure as-written is (that I still feel the need to stay true too) but I know this experience is the key to taking my listener base to the next level, as well as (given it’ll be a one or two-shot adventure) should serve as a nice “portfolio piece” for us to all showcase our talents.

We record in a few days and it’s probably all I’ll think about until then.

And on the YouTube front, interest still continues to grow, and I’m coming dangerously close to hitting 300 subscribers along with 7,000 views on Magick 101 (Pt 1) and have now even surpassed 14,000 total watched minutes. Even getting more comments coming in.

I dunno, all that sounds like a lot.

All I know for sure is at this point probably a few hundred people have sat through all my stuff, and at least a handful of them got something worthwhile out of it, which is good enough for me. My mind is not directed towards the next lectures for the Theosophical Society just yet, but I’ll shift gears in due time, though when that time finally gets here it may feel like it’s from out of the blue.

And speaking of out of the blue, I got a very strange connection request from the esoteric Corey Goode which may not really mean anything, but as I’ve not been following his updates as consistently as I had been back when I still subscribed to Gaia, I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow (and have kept it raised since).

Synchronicity? Not for me to say yet.

Weird? Sure.



Saturday 8/4/18-

Sun: Leo–

Moon: Taurus (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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