BJ, the Deputy Body Master for William Blake recently asked for me to contribute a piece for the Lodge’s publication Heaven & Hell. Since the Thelemic Tea Ceremony was “debuted” there at WBL, I offered that ritual as fodder for the publication.

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However, he’d suggested some tweaks to a few of my character designations, and additionally I’d only written the tableaux instructions for the Summer Solstice, and needed to write up the sections for the Winter Solstice and two Equinoxes as well before the ritual was “fit to print”.



So this evening I dove in to do a few comb-thru revisions to alter the text appropriately, and also pulled out the Emperor, Adjustment, and Devil cards from the Thoth deck so I had those images in front of me while writing those final Coronation sections up.

I took the opportunity to tweak a few other things as well, and then finally proofed-out, I sent the revised ritual to BJ and invited him to share any feedback he might have (magickally, Thelemically, or otherwise) before settling on the final print version. Naturally, I also updated the text on this site as well…

Additionally, the Chair of the Man of Earth Nominating Panel recently asked for my feedback on how we could better organize communication internally, and I’ve slowly been assembling all my notes and drafting a large response to the group. People need to be careful when they ask for my thoughts on something, as I’ll apt to give them an earful… and I took another stab at more of them tonight. I’ve got paragraphs and paragraphs of ideas and suggestions already, and I’ve still got plenty left to draft.

I’m going to try to wrap it all up quite soon (relatively speaking) though, if for nothing else than to get one more thing off my plate.

And today, Mars finally left my natal sign of Scorpio, and into Sagittarius. I’m gonna miss him…


Wednesday 8/3/16-

Sun: Leo-

Moon: Leo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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