So, I’m fairly pleased with myself today. I dedicated a nice chunk of time to it, and I’ve managed to finish the first complete draft of my Thelemic Tea Ceremony and Solstice/Equinox Feast ritual, which I’m going to be officiating on June 18th at William Blake… the focus being on a huge Abundance operation on the Lodge (and its members’) behalf.

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I’ve sent it on to Brother Alex, Soror Rhianon, Frater Superabo, Wimsaur, and of course my wife Jenny (Soror Mada Babalonda) because I really want to get their input before settling on a final version we’ll treat as our script. And then I’ll probably give it to the other WBL officers for feedback, since of course it’s their Lodge too, and this ritual is for all of us.

Now, I really tried not to give my friends too many lines, and almost everything rhymes, so they should hopefully be easy for us all to remember. I have the lion’s share of the lines anyway, and additionally I wrote it so that most of the things everyone else has to do are in response to my cues, so there should be very little worry about remembering what’s next, as I’ll be setting the pace… mostly.


I may have been a little ambitious in thinking we could pull this off with one simple rehearsal, but hopefully at least we can do a quick walk through at Lodge if we can find the time tomorrow, and then we can schedule a practice sometime soon.


Saturday 4/16/16

Sun: Aries-

Moon: Virgo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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