I really imagine you’re going to have a tough time with this one… This evening Jenny and I attended a “Spoon Bending Class” at the Center for Spiritual Living Central Maryland up in Reisterstown.

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The class was run by a woman who will thenceforth be referred to as “The Friend” on behalf of the Baltimore Friends of IONS (IONS = the Institute of Noetic Science, who I’ve long supported) and immediately we both liked the energy of the group and the sort of “mature feminine hippie vibe” we felt there.

Now, the premise of the group exercise sounds surprisingly simple, and for those who understand the magickal nature of group intention, it shouldn’t be that surprising, but the idea is that each person (and we had over 20 in the room) would take an “unbendable” piece of silverware, and with the power of group focus of will/intention, one by one we’d be able to bend our piece of flatware.

Now, while we brought a few of our own spoons, The Friend had provided many others for our use that she’d scavenged from nearby Goodwill’s and such. I had every confidence we’d have success this evening, so I wanted to choose a really challenging piece. I’ll be honest, there were a few pieces on the table that I would have been able to bend with pure brute force, so I left those ones for the nice older ladies, and picked a fork (or “threrk” if you want to get technical) that, try as I might, I was unable to get any portion of that Dcraft Stainless Steel (made in Japan) utensil to bend.

You can see the red impressions all over my hands from my many attempts to bend the fork by myself.

You can see the red impressions all over my hands from my many attempts to bend the fork by myself.

So, according to The Friend, the technique is just to follow your intuition and start rubbing the flatware over and over in one spot until that same intuition then leads you to try and bend it. We also stated aloud our intention to BEND BEND BEND which Jenny and I found to be very sound practice. The Friend warned it could take us upwards of half an hour before anyone had success, but once the first person gets it, then it becomes easier for everyone else (not unlike the formations of original crystal compounds). But, it probably didn’t hurt that some of the attendees had been to The Friend’s previous class on this very subject some time ago, and were able to carry their successes from that class over to ours, because the first of the utensils were being bent within the first few minutes of concentration… and naturally Jenny’s was one of them.

For myself, emboldened by her success, I too suddenly found the metal of this “unbendable” fork giving way under may hands. But the effect only lasted a few seconds, and afterwards I was unable to budge the metal in that same place again. I repeated the process again and again on different sections, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but I did find at one point simply declaring to myself “it is my Will to bend this fork” was enough to get it to give.




I know, I know… it’s hard to believe. I don’t blame your skepticism since all you have to go on is my word…

Jenny had befriended a nice older lady named Monique who was sat next to her, and the two of them noticed that while the metal did seem to feel warmer… it was when the metal actually started to “feel” almost like you could press your finger into it was the signal of the brief window when the metal could be warped. While I continued trying with varying success, the two of them were having a grand old time… and even tried bending different utensils into pretty shapes and such.

7_12_16_D 7_12_16_E


Eventually everyone in the room started to get it. I even saw one lady who’d been valiantly struggling for nearly a half hour with no results suddenly twist her entire spoon over and over on itself, almost as if she was wadding the whole thing up. She got a round of applause for that one…

All in all, we were quite impressed by the class, and with the people running and hosting it, and so will likely come back for other events they put on if they’re anything as cool as this one. I’m now connected via Facebook so we’ll see what comes down the pipe.

When we got home, Jenny took some very arty pictures of our bent utensil collection. I think she has a great eye, they’re much more interesting than the pics I shot…

7_12_16_G 7_12_16_F















A whole bunch of other stuff happened today, but I’m not speaking anymore possibilities aloud tonight. Good stuff, bad stuff, intriguing stuff… I’ll say no more now.

Hopefully more later. For now I can enjoy, as Jenny put it, “tangible evidence we live in more than a five-senses world”.


Tuesday 7/12/16-

Sun: Cancer-

Moon: Scorpio-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

2 thoughts on “There Is No Spoon… But There Were a Few Forks…

  1. Hello…Carole Pressnall here….and thanks so much for your nice post about the spoon bending fun that we had at the Center For Spiritual Living. The photos that you posted were great…and I liked the shot of the unbent fork, and then the results afterward. I have been reading some of your Facebook pages this morning, and it’s nice to see what you are doing with the site. I will come back and read more later. Did you get any feedback from other people on what you wrote about the spoonbending concept? I bookma keep your site and will keep in touch. Braveheart and BLessed be…cjp

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