I attended class at Baltimore Aikido today and again had a very informative experience.

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I’m a little sore, as my rolling techniques in particular need work, but both Frater Superabo and I have bit the bullet and started paying dues.

I’ve also been salivating over Dwarven Forge’s new Castles Kickstarter program. It’s their most expensive one yet, but damn is it cool. I’ve been floating around the idea of our B.R.U.W. group to work together to create a YouTube web-series to try and encapsulate the charm and dynamics of the gaming table, and this set could be some great tabletop fodder for when we do that. In principle everyone seems on board, and perhaps even a little excited…

And I can’t help myself, I’m already making edits to Black Knight Chapter 1, but once I wrap it up, I’ll be sending it out to a few friends to start getting feedback. Aaron’s deadline to finish his commission is this Saturday, so I’ll send it to him as well after that’s passed.

Saturday’s a big day for me as well as I take my Second Degree Initiation that day as well with Frater Superabo, Frater Raziel, Wimsaur, and Soror Melaina (I still have to bake my pie). Since we’re also practicing Wimsaur’s Equinox ritual at Lodge the next day, Wimsaur and Raziel will be crashing at our place so they don’t have to make two trips up from DC within 24 hours.


Monday 3/7/16

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Pisces

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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