I have weathered what I must, have trudged ever onward through the storms in my path, and this week I began to notice some clear signs of relief. Which naturally is a huge relief…

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Some recent successes (including a good week on eBay) have shown me the pendulum is swinging back in a positive direction once more… But here at least are pics of the custom painted “fantasy bench” I’d completed for my little nephew in time for Easter.

Perhaps textured plastic isn’t the most forgiving of surfaces to paint on (excuses, excuses…) but hope you have some fun exploring anyway…

I was also pleased to see (likely thanks to some new playlists Jenny has created for it) that my YouTube subscribers have crested the 650 mark. The first “real” goal still remains 1000, but given that I don’t put out new stuff with any kind of regularity there’s not much beyond the slow creep to expect… though recent comments left on the videos leave a bit to be desired (personally anyway).

This week also marked the iTunes release of our latest Adventure Hook episode which also received some love from Lion Forge (publisher of the source material we used for that episode).

Hear @adventure_hook‘s ideas to continue expanding play from Rolled & Told September edition! #YouForgeTheAdventure https://t.co/n9sCUIWTk3— Lion Forge (@lionforge) April 22, 2019

Aaron and I also recorded what will end up being Adventure Hook Episode 25: The Portrait Artist. I’ll be honest, I don’t think it’s our strongest show… but (perhaps) fortunately it’s my turn to edit this episode and so hopefully I can find a way to clean it up and make it more entertaining. I’ll also make the promo art for it, but as of now I don’t have a clear vision of what to do for it (but I will).

I also tried again this week to wrap up edits on the next Blackspire episode (S1E25) and while I did manage to make more progress, I continue to have some false starts with that work and as of yet haven’t finished it. While true this episode (as well as AH25) technically won’t be needed until the end of May, I’d fully anticipated being buried (finally) in editing the seven part Red Moon series in the interim month and wanted to be able to give that my full attention… But I still don’t quite have everything I need to get those completed yet (this week for sure) but progress is progress I guess…

There was another mass meditation of the 144K this week, and for me personally it was the most powerful experience yet…

Disclosure is imminent. I see new evidence in the news each day.

But for now our good friend Brother Enlil is in town this weekend for one of his friendly visits, and so we’ll be spending the weekend with friends…

And Chaucer mead…


Friday 4/26/19-

Sun: Taurus–

Moon: Aquarius (50% Waning)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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