More behind-the-scenes stuff updating this site today. I really had no idea what I was in for when I started this thing. I still have much to do before I’d not be embarrassed to have random folks tooling around it.

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After receiving an email today from Kevin that was anything but encouraging… I felt the need to give Serial Artist a “look at itself” and did my second ever I-Ching casting for the purposes of comparing it to the corresponding spread from the graphic novel.

I came up with Hexagram 61: Winds over the Lake: inner sincerity. The noble one discusses criminal cases in order to delay executions. And if you compare that line to those pages from the book (below) you’ll see (as is the theme throughout the entirety of Serial Artist…) how our characters are the exact opposite example of a person living by this ancient wisdom .


Serial Artist (Hexagram 61 configuration)

I put it up on Facebook, as it also seemed to speak to Kevin and my current situation (publishing-wise anyway…), so maybe it’ll resonate with others today as well.

However, of late Jenny’s been really wanting to find a new job, probably as much as I’ve been wanting more progress on the publishing front. Then it struck me (like it should have been obvious all along), each of us can’t help but have lust for results about these particular things, but each of us really should have very little trouble visualizing one another’s success (especially once we discuss those details), but then still be able to set it and forget it with much greater ease. I’m still debating if a “co-charging” of each object of the operation would be preferred, or if that really just runs the risk of defeating the entire purpose of the “swap” in the first place… As tomorrow is Jupiter’s day, it seems the ideal time for us to do this kind of “growth” working for each other, and I’ll make up my mind before we actually start which approach is likely best.

I pulled out two blue candles from our magick cabinet and set to work inscribing them with some appropriate sigils. As she (in my opinion) has slightly more negativity tied up with her situation than I do, I chose a light blue candle for her so as to “cut” the blue of Jupiter (Chesed) with the purifying white of Kether.


Jupiter candles




















Tomorrow we’ll work together to write up each other’s Statements of Intent, which we’ll then also sigilize and mark them on the candles to (additionally) serve as a focal point during their respective energetic chargings. I also calculated the windows of time tomorrow that are considered the hours of Jupiter, and we’ll plan the operation for one of them.

I also noticed today that Humble Bundle is offering a special download on a large selection of Vampire the Masquerade RPG books. Vampire was a favorite game of me and my college buddies, so I couldn’t resist getting my hands on all this material for like $15.

It actually struck me that hosting a Mind’s Eye Theater LARP (one of the rule books offered) at Lodge could actually be a fun way to attract new potential members. Or maybe that’s not quite the right message for O.T.O. to give off, but somehow a “magickal LARP” in my hands sounds like it could be particularly effective. We wouldn’t even need to play Vampire per se, format is immaterial if the rules are adaptable.


Wednesday 7/27/16-

Sun: Leo-

Moon: Taurus-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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