I must say I’ve got a little spring in my step today, as I’ve got an exciting project to work on this month… like I need to give myself more to do…

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But things are in full motion now for me to come on as a guest GM for the guys over at Red Moon Roleplaying (who I’ve been big fans of for a while now). We’ve been talking all this week about the classic Planescape adventure they want me to run: To Ba’ator and Back from the original 1994 supplement Well of Worlds… (an original copy of which just so happened to be on my shelf). In particular though we’ve been swapping ideas concerning the character concepts that I’ll be creating the pre-gens of.

Red Moon Roleplaying

The most challenging part of the whole exercise for me though, is (in hopes of appealing to a key, less cluttered audience) they want the adventure run using the original AD&D 2nd Edition rules it was written in. They want to appeal to the old skool crowd, and so going back to formula, so to speak has been an interesting exercise.

I essentially have to learn the 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules all over again…

I had some initial ideas to run by them, and after some back and forth eventually we settled on the character types in the end I think they’ll end up enjoying playing the most. Additionally we’ll have Aaron come on and run a 4th player character who will be pursued by the three PCs run by the Red Moon guys (plus an NPC I’ll run to keep one hand on the rudder). I’ll use the Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock dynamic to figure out the dynamics between these five characters, and how to position them agains each other for optimal drama (while maintaining equilibrium).

Naturally, I need five players (including myself) to make this work right…


To best try to capitalize on the extra attention this podcasting opportunity will no doubt bring to both the Blackspire and Adventure Hook shows, Aaron and I went ahead and recorded an episode of Legend Lore: Blackspire where we discuss my thoughts and strategy on this adventure in detail, and how best to make it interesting (as re-reading the original adventure has proven much of this nostalgic inducing adventure was actually…kinda…dumb…). I go into this stuff all a lot more there.

We’ll try to time the release of this show on Patreon with the Red Moon program. As it’ll be my responsibility to edit the finals of both shows, at least I’m not in a time crunch in that respect. We plan to record the first of potentially two sessions in early August and they were hoping for the finals sometime in September, which seems doable.

And of course, it was nice to hear Jim on this week’s episode of Laughfinder, and that he’s made plugging out show part of his regular sign-off now. So cool!

Season 3 Episode 43 For Louie, The Good Girl

And also, this week Episode 5: The Mysterious Item went live in the main feeds… yay!

Episode 5: The Mysterious Item

We considered it our best show to date at the time, but Jenny thinks Episode 6 is our best (and since I only just finished the edits she’s yet to listen to 7, which I also think is pretty solid).

We’ve plans to record Episode 8 next week, and given the nature of our ever-updating chart(s) of episode ideas, we’ve decided to create a strict recording regiment going forward, which combined with the chart upkeep should hopefully be more engaging for listeners as things progress.

We’ve also used Twitter to engage more people in the RPG community, and farmed a handful of good ideas from a few. Jenny even had a few good ones for us this time too that also made the list.

Here are the charts for July:

I’ve even gone so far as to join Instagram as well this week, though I’m hoping with the use of my brand new iPhone I’ll have a much easier time syncing all this chaos into a digestible stream of information to handle all this social media stuff-age.

Into the 21st century I come kicking and screaming…

But since Jupiter has left retrograde in Scorpio this week it’s good timing. Many of us feel like perhaps for a while now we’ve been spinning our wheels or treading water… but getting no place fast. Perhaps we feel like we’ve been wanting to grow but that we keep having to relearn the same lessons over and over, or maybe even that we’re like a windup airplane that’s been wound to the extreme… and if only the tension on our propeller would be released then… vrooom… we’d speed off…

Well, retrograde’s over, and so that’s happened now… time to fly.

And Both the Sun and Moon are in Cancer for the new moon today, so it’s a good time to start something fresh in your home as well…


Thursday 7/1218-

Sun: Cancer–

Moon: Cancer (New)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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