It’s been a busy, yet quite productive week which has produced a few things I think I can be pretty proud of, and that I should be able to turn into something really cool…

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First up, I finally finished up the “raw” edit of the first Red Moon Roleplaying session of To Baator and Back, and managed to get us down to a “mere” 15 minutes of non-gameplay recordings during our full two and a half hour session and so finally felt like I could let it go. However, the RMR guys were looking for some new material for their higher level Patreon supporters, and so wasted no time in getting that recording live this week.

“To Baator & Back” one of many adventures contained in the Well of Worlds anthology

That also meant Aaron and I opted to release the Red Moon edition of Legend Lore: Blackspire on the Adventure Hook Patreon page which I also finished the edits on. This is a good one to listen to, as in it I highlight my thought processes of how I places the five main characters (some of whom would be directly adversarial towards one another) in positions of checks and balances for each other.

Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock – the dynamics of the five main characters of the adventure

I think this has paid off, as all the guys have really taken to their characters and fully stepped into embracing these (narrative) dynamics… and in truth it was truly touching to realize to what a great depth each of them had absorbed the background material I’d written for each of them. Everyone has mad direct reference more than once to something I’d written for them which really added depth and texture to our sessions.

But this week we also recorded both a second episode of Legend Lore: RMR, where Aaron and I discuss his Planescape character Finott in even greater detail to give him more world-building and background material to make some more interesting choices in the next session.

We also have a new opportunity to do a partnership of sorts with a new actual-play podcast that’s starting up soon. The guys putting it together have already adopted a number of ideas from our episodes of Adventure Hook into their plans, and want to actually brainstorm the entire framework of their campaign with us. No doubt any listeners of that show will find Adventure Hook that much more appealing, plus we create some more episodes out of it.

This week also marked the release of Episode 8 of Adventure Hook, and I also managed to finish up the edits on Episode 10 which isn’t due out until next month, but I really need to stay as ahead as possible on the editing front.

Adventure Hook – Episode 8: The Improbable Location

Adventure Hook – Episode 10: Let’s Go on a Pilgrimage!

I’ve even managed to start the comparatively much more difficult editing process on Season 1: Episode 10 of Blackspire as well (not due out until the end of September) but as that’s going to take me longer, and I’ve got plenty more tough edits ahead of that, but hopefully I can find a way to build up more of a buffer again… especially with my engagements with the Theosophical Society looming every closer… and I continue to not really make updated preparations for them yet…

But the real highlight of the week was the second recording session Aaron and I did with the Red Moon guys to try and finish up the To Baator and Back one shot.

I’d lit a candle this time as well for our collective success, and we we had only the most minor of technical glitches this time around… We managed to capture almost four hours of recorded game time, and while the content we captured is pretty great stuff, we still didn’t quite finish the story as written. I’d offered to fast forward through the last scenes so we could wrap up in two sessions as promised, but the guys sounded so into their characters and wanting to give them a proper finish… so we’ve opted to record a short third session later this week to finish out the adventure, wrap up out loose plot threads, and generally tie it all up in a nice big bow…

But Jenny and I also enjoyed a nice weekend out and about doing normal people stuff too. On Friday we met friends at Spice & Dice for what might arguably be the best Thai food in Maryland.

She and I also headed over to the Maryland State Fair for some carnival fun, eat some of the best local lamb either of us had ever had, saw a bunch of interesting animals and I even participated in my first horse race bet.

Baby goat at the Maryland State Fair

It was the full moon today, so I performed my usual monthly Abundance ritual. What new opportunities might I see come ’round by the next one I wonder?

Guess we’ll only have to wait and see…


Saturday 8/26/18-

Sun: Virgo–

Moon: Pisces (Full)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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