I was disappointed to hear some less than favorable news from my publisher today. I don’t like being disparaging, but it would seem certain responsibilities with my book are becoming mine again. All reasons I sought out a publisher in the first place…

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So, while it seems that Kevin and I are back at square one again, before I could really begin to despair, I was presented with an interesting piece of comic industry news. It would seem some positive acquaintances of mine have found themselves in a position where perhaps they can breath life into Black Knight and/or Serial Artist. I’ll say no more, but we plan to touch base again after Sand Diego Comic Con.

Still, I’ve had Monomyth on the brain lately, so spent much of the evening working on game mechanics and strategy for the game. I’d been reading a bit more up on game theory, and had some different approaches I wanted to try out. I decided to set up the actual board and play around with myself… so to speak. I also realized the significance of how each of the four elements in the zodiacal placements aspect each other, and hence those phase of the story (including foreshadowing), so I marked those “trines” on the board as well.


Monomyth Game Mock-Up Board




I also pulled out the glass beads I got at AC Moore so I could play around with my different token ideas as well, and when play-testing, for me it helps to actually “do it”, as even running steps in my head a few hundred times isn’t always as revealing as actually taking a game through step by step.

As I was experimenting with a well-shuffled Thoth deck I got a nice array of cards, but as I began to see my own magickal journey appear in the cards that kept coming up one after another, I thought I’d snap a picture as well, in case I even want to refer back. I’m closer (not there yet) but definitely on to something.

I knew there was a divinatory element to the Monomyth configuration, but today I really appreciate its power to tell a real story to you by its very nature.


Wednesday 7/13/16-

Sun: Cancer-

Moon: Scorpio-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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