It was a week of small victories. While I didn’t accomplish everything I’d planned to, what I did I’m happy with.

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To start with, the VNV Nation concert at the Ottobar was incredible.

Ronan Harris of VNV Nation

While Jenny and I had seen them play once before many years ago, this show (which focused solely on the albums Automatic and Empires) was more intimate, and for me at least that made the experience more enjoyable.

For me though, my mission for the night was to deliver a copy of Serial Artist into the hands of someone who could then get it into the hands of Ronan Harris, VNV’s songwriter, who I’d quoted in the book, and who I’d promised a copy to four years ago now. I talked to the guy working the merchandise table, who assured me “he sleeps next to him on the bus” and promised to get the graphic novel to him, so I feel confident I can finally scratch that little to-do off my list.

I don’t know if he’ll like the book, or even read it, but he’s probably at least seen it and his quote, and so I can now consider that energetic circuit finally closed.

Otherwise though… I have been single-mindedly focused on finally completing the Pre-Series History write up for the Blackspire campaign. My goal was to finish it by the full moon, and while I didn’t quite get there, it’s about 99.9% completed, which given the fact that the whole thing is now probably long enough to fill a novella at this point… is pretty good progress overall.

While Jenny and I will be camping this weekend with friends at Cunningham Falls State Park I should still be able to have the Blackspire recap in a consumable form by next week, which will give my players time to review it before we record our next game on the 21st.

Eventually I’ll record myself reading all that material, and adding some effects or what have you, and turning it into perhaps something like a Season Zero of the podcast. I’m actually anxious to get back into editing the first two podcast episodes of the RPG Series, but if you look back in time you’ll see I’ve been slowly eroding away the prehistory stuff for what feels like an eternity… and finally needed it off my plate…

I’ve also got ideas a brewing for a number of other spin-off series, side session episodes… and down the line even a few ideas for more games run remotely for others… say one-shots or even limited campaigns for certain high-level Patreon supporters for instance…

It’s all coming together, just as I always knew it would.

I and my comrades are worth of infinite success.

As it’s the full moon, I also set my chakra stones out for a soak in the moonlight overnight, and was sure to do my monthly Abundance ritual, give my offerings to our Earth Jar, and generally just radiate the gratitude I still feel every day for the wonderful life I lead and all the amazing people and experiences in it.

But, right around the corner, Jenny and my eight wedding anniversary is coming up very soon, Wimsaur is visiting next week from Colorado, and I’m turning 39…

So, next week should be interesting too…


Thursday 10/5/17-

Sun: Libra-

Moon: Aries (Full)

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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