Ugh… I think it’s been a rough month for everyone, huh? Personally I’m happy to see us slip into the New Moon today… I feel quite ready for a change… a breath of new energy, and Aries is exactly the place for that…

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Mercury in retrograde might have dragged up all sorts of ugly things from our pasts, but that period is now past and now that the dust is settling hopefully you’ve started to feel certain pressures start to lift. Not that anyone is out of the woods yet, but speed bumps (and even roadblocks) aside… things are moving in a positive arc.

I was also able to wrap up a very interesting figure painting commission this week, a religious statue of the Archangel Michael (which I don’t think I took an unreasonable amount of liberties with my interpretation).

Archangel St. Michael triumphs over Satan

It was quite interesting for once to combine some of my esoteric disciplines with my miniature painting ones, but this ended up being a challenging project, and though I may still make a handful of final tweaks, overall I’m fairly pleased with the results.

My Reliquum YouTube Channel continues its slow but steady creep of increased views, subscribers, and viewer comments. There’s now almost 16,500 views on the first video (and 150 on the last). So maybe 1 in 1000 visitors watches everything, but so long as it’s of service to that 1, my job is done.

What is service to one is service to all.

And while there look to still be story seas ahead, Jenny has observed more than once this week she felt the Abundance operations continue to show signs of manifesting their help. And naturally there’s always someone close to us who can use our help as well (and we should be so lucky…)

a little help for our friends…

Jenny and I have both been reconnecting to old friends this week, and potentially opening up all sorts of new/fun/scary new prospects as well (especially if Jenny’s recent tarot reading is any indicator…

Jenny’s recent tarot reading – NOTE: all 4 queens! (wow, right?)

Mostly I’m just excited about the idea of GMing for Jenny again, and we’ve even been flirting with a few interesting ideas for the player character she might run in the ever evolving story of the Blackspire podcast.

But this week I had the pleasure of running two separate Blackspire games (one with the B.R.U.W. Crew and another solo side session with Jim). It’d been a while for us to play, so (as The Friend would say) naturally there were some “dragons” thrown my way. The oddest perhaps was the battery in the tablet I typically use to record our sessions oddly exploded the previous night… like puffed up to three times its (presumed) width and cracked the tablet in half…

my exploded battery

So, while there will no doubt be some audio hiccups this time too (what’s new) we still managed to engage some backup plans and capture what should still be a decent enough sounding game… however draconic it may have been to capture it.

Jason (even the bard) even coined a term which I do believe deserves to be on a t-shirt someday (if I can just imagine the right visual gag to go along with it maybe).

You need a buff to your Bluff

Maelik Kileam

Anyway, between both sessions I may be able to create at least four if not more episodes out of them all, and while Jim’s session ended on a pretty tidy note, the other team has set themselves up for a pretty intense (and potentially quite deadly) fight.

We’ll have to see how the dice fall.

This week I also wrapped up the edits on Adventure Hook Episode 23: The Gnomish Flying Machine, which all in all is a pretty tight episode… and probably one of our shorter ones (clocking in at just over an hour and a quarter).

I feel like this episode was a good demonstration, not only of the premise of the show, but of each of Aaron and my own individual strengths. Or… as I put it in the show notes (which I also knocked out while I was editing it):

This episode Aaron and Rob cover yet more Writing Advice for Game-Masters as they do a deep dive into discussing the differences of including Texture vs. Fluff in your RPG stories… by using the concepts of Chekov’s Gun to fire at the Red Herrings in your Shaggy Dog story! Additionally the guys first do a quick mental unpacking of the Rolled & Told publication whilst waxing nostalgic about its spiritual predecessors, and later Aaron explains his theories around why he runs the vampire Strahd as the “ultimate incel”.

It’s another one to be proud of, and one which even holds a particular potential to grow into something more.

This week we also did our monthly YouTube live-stream “master class” on the Ravenloft D&D campaign setting, and this one is actually the first of the Patreon-only episodes we’ve done. $5 supporters will be able to watch these episodes anytime, while $8 supporters will be able to join in on future classes live as we do them, and “raise their hand” if they have a question (just like real school) and we’ll do our best to tackle that stuff as well.

The first episode is (and will remain) free on YouTube so interested folks can audit the class before “enrolling”. In that we do an overview of the publication history (and concepts therein) of the setting from inception through D&D 5th Edition, and I do a quick compare/contrast the Ravenloft tarokka deck to “our world’s” Rider-Waite deck (which clearly inspired it).

In part two we dissect the novel “I, Strahd: Memoirs of a Vampire” and use it as the basis of our character study of that “ultimate villain” and then discuss all sorts of different approaches on how you could consider running him as an NPC.

And while I do tend to keep my private magickal practice more or less private, (and maybe just because I’ve had Michael on the brain lately) I did feel inspired to share one jolt of insight I received this week while doing my regular lightwork/spirit-cleansing of my “neighborhood” and was moved to write it down as an expansion of my final prayer after reciting the Collect for the End (as is my custom).

Gabriel cleanse whole their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Uriel transmute all darkness and ground all negativity.

Raphael illuminate a path twixt them and their minds.

St. Michael, please guide them home and unite them with their Higher Selves. Amen.

Frater A.K.

Makes sense to me (in an LBRP way anyway).

And, on a more mundane 3D world perspective, I’ve been continuing to try my hand at the weird science of baking, and this week managed to bake up a loaf of bread that I’m pleased to say if I’d actually bought in the store I’d be pretty happy with it.

So, naturally… what’s the best way to make use of such delectable bread..?

Gourmet grilled cheese, of course…



Friday 4/5/19-

Sun: Aries–

Moon: Aries (NEW)

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