Today marked the first day of classes of Christeos Pir‘s Enochian Workshop hosted by William Blake Lodge. It turned out to be quite a long day, but definitely worth it.

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Sigillum Dei Aemeth

If you’re not familiar with with Dr. John Dee and his assistant Sir Edward Kelly and their system of Enochian magick, there are a great many better informed scholars and resources out there I suggest you seek out. But in short, Dee (who was among a great many other things, court astrologer to Elizabeth I) using Kelly as a medium, over a period of a few years received a series of communications with entities claiming to be angelic spirits, and from those communications created an extremely complex system whereby a magician could invoke a particular hierarchy of angelic spirits to enact specific operations.

Like everything else in this world, you must take it with a grain of salt, but the more about this system you learn, the more compelling details you discover which lend credence to the idea that it seems impossible that the entire system is just an elaborate fabrication. That being said, there are certainly a number of pieces that don’t quite fit comfortable all together, and some revisions of the system were also later “received” by D&K.

That all being said, since Dee’s death in the first decade of the 1600’s, so many magicians since (both historical and contemporary) have reported such success with the system, it seemed important enough to try to understand, hence why Jenny and I attended the class in the first place.

WBL attracted a number of new people, and we had over two dozen folks in attendance, including a new friend we made of writer/publisher AP Lewis. He comes from a more Rosicrucian background, but seemed somewhat taken with Blake and I should get the change to hang out with him more tomorrow.

At the end of the class, we performed an Enochian ritual outlined by Pir in his essay Watchtowers of the World. As a group we used the first six Enochian Calls to build the ceiling, floor, and four walls of our Astral Temple, then Christeos led us all in a group meditation to converse with the King of Air.

My results were somewhat less successful than others, though I did have a very deep and strong meditation session myself and came to very refreshed. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s lectures as well.

Afterwards, Wimsaur came back to the house, and we were up until the wee hours talking about magick, comparing notes and useful charts/systems, as well as some of the things each of us were working on. I was glad for the opportunity to get to talk about the behind-the-scenes magickal stuff I’m layering the story on top of with someone who could appreciate what I’m doing with it. He seemed to think the behind-the-scenes thing I worked out in and of itself is something people would be interested in, but I’m keeping those details a secret until long after the book is actually finished.

It is always fun to talk shop with peers, and all in all was a very good day.

Saturday 7/9/16-

Sun: Cancer-

Moon: Virgo-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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