Today marked the second day of the weekend long Enochian Workshop at William Blake Lodge. Wimsaur and I made it in time to catch the tail end of breakfast prior to the talks, but Jenny had a new rush commission come in to her Etsy site last night, so decided to stay home to focus on that today.

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The lectures today mostly focused on approaches to Enochian magick after the work of Dee and Kelly. They range from the incredibly elaborate (Enochian chess for instance) to simple meditation and scrying approaches.


The Great Tablet



Christeos Pir was also kind enough to share many of his digital resources with us, including many of the tables and other magickal diagrams, as well as his own writings on the topic (including last night’s ritual). He also recommended a number of resources to continue one’s own research, but he (understandably) touted O.T.O. Deputy Grand Master Lon Milo DuQuette‘s righly praised work Enochian Vision Magick, and so I’ve ordered myself a copy.


Recensa Tablet



A.P Lewis and I decided we’d actually go off site for lunch and get to know one another a little better, so drove all the way down to Fells Point to grab lunch at Bertha’s (a Baltimore staple) as AP had a hankering for that specific type of seafood, and (him being relatively new to the city) had never eaten there before.

We share a number of similar interests, and we got on the topic of publishing, and we swapped stories concerning Serial Artist and his own company Sub Rosa Books. We also got talking about the separate group work we do with the Temple of the Western Gate and he seemed very interested in participating in our next event. Seems like the Universe has put us together for a reason.

I encouraged him to take his Minerval with O.T.O. and even offered to be one of his sponsors, so we’ll see what he decides to do.

I was also pleased to receive a few very nice compliments about my performance last month’s Solstice Ritual by another non-member who had come for the event, and oddly (since they didn’t know each other) it seems that both she and AP have a weird connection to another practitioner from the Norse tradition who lives in Iceland now, and might be able to help me with my upcoming Füthark project…

So many opportunities… I hope I can juggle and still keep track of them all.


Sunday 7/10/16-

Sun: Cancer-

Moon: Libra-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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