I’ve received a few interesting ideas for what we should do as a group for December’s Temple of the Western Gate gathering (including a very intrigue secret offer from “The Friend”) but I think I’m at least going to take Wimsaur up on his offer.

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He suggested that as a group we perform a greater hexagram ritual focusing on the positive philosophical Sagittarius. It should serve to bring self focus on our True Wills by directing us all in the “right direction”.  Additionally, the ritual should serve to balance the seven planets within us, which compounds upon the purpose of becoming in harmony (without/within) so that we become fit vessels to receive our True Wills.

Given how calling the elementals last time caused for a fun (but unfocused) evening last time, this sounds like just the sort of ritual our group needs to be practicing…

Since not everyone may just walk around with their own pantheon of planetary/godform attributions, I thought it would be useful to create a little “comparative religions” chart along these lines for those it might be a helpful resource for this exercise.

I included the appropriate Reliquum gods as well, just for fun…

Saturn Loki Hades Set,Nuit,Osiris Kali Gozenaten
Jupiter Thor Zeus Osiris,Horus Vishnu,Indra Dram
Mars Tyr Ares,Athena Horus,Sekhmet,Ma’at Rama Ma’Alok
Sol Baldur Apollo Horus,Hadit,Osiris,Ra-Hoor-Khuit,Hathor,Atum,Khephra Krishna Sharkov
Venus Frigg,Freya Aphrodite,Eros Bastet,Isis Shakti,Vishnu Nazaire
Mercury Odin Hermes Thoth,Anubis Karttikeya Ghul
Luna 3 Norns,Frigg Diana Isis Ganesha,Sarasvarti Chreagain


Some (like the Egyptian pantheon) aren’t quite as clear cut as some others, but I gave it a good preliminary shot.



Monday 11/28/16-

Sun: Sagittarius-

Moon: Sagittarius-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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