So, it seems the Universe really has my back lately, as people who I’ve wanted to have present for the Summer Solstice ritual look like they can make it.

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Brother Rob in particular who I’ve been hoping can make it let me know out of the blue today that a new promotion he received may change up his schedule and free up more time… so fingers crossed. I may also want to engage his band Pale Hag for the Masque of the Red Death ritual in October. I feel like a lot is riding on these events, but I am committed to pulling them off the way I’ve envisioned.

I keep building up the mold layers, but the “floor plate” piece I put together was ready to come off, and so now I can make reproductions if/when the time for that comes. I think those columns should be ready soon as well, but the other molds (including the d20) are going to take a few more coats…


This evening I just put on my “Meditation Channel” I’ve created on Pandora and got to work on the “plaster” sections of wall from the City Builder set I’ve been working on. Since these sections have a sort of Tudor design, I’m going with the yellow and brown “gingerbread house” color scheme for them, but I want the wood to feel old and distressed, rather than a warm dark brown which is a bit more traditional.


There are a lot of sections to paint, but once I’ve finished this, I think I’ll need to hit them all again with a dark brown wash to tie the sections together, and to give the wood an even more aged and water-stained look.


Thursday 5/19/16-

Sun: Taurus-

Moon: Scorpio-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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