Yikes… is that 2019 around the corner already? Where did this year go? It’s been an eventful one for certain, and one I’m not quite done with (or maybe it’s not quite done with me) yet…

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To start with, the episode where we featured the 5 Room Dungeon template created by RPG guru JohnnFour of roleplayingtips.com  and first made popular on 1d4chan came out on Patreon this week. Hopefully it gets some traction when it hits iTunes… and if we’re lucky Johnn may mention it on his (admittedly pretty awesome) weekly email list. I’ve been enjoying them…

But Aaron and I had a good call this week as we strategized what to do with our break in January (season break for Adventure Hook, mid-season for Blackspire) and we’ve got a pretty decent idea of what we can do with our second season. It’s also going to involve scaling back the Patreon offerings a bit, which is probably fine.

Aaron also got a bit of good news this week, as it looks like a director (and an Oscar nominated one no less) has been signed to direct the movie based on his latest comic book Infidel.

‘The Mountain Between Us’ Director to Helm Adaptation of Comic ‘Infidel’ for TriStar (EXCLUSIVE)

It’s great for him, and hopefully the entire enterprise might somehow translate into increased interest in our show. I guess he needs an Adventure Hook t-shirt to wear during any press junkets he ends up doing… one more thing for the list…

On the Blackspire front, the sands of the hourglass keep tumbling and episode 15 debuted this week… already, I know…

A Feast of Empty Plates: Pt 1 (S01E15)

This “A Feast of Empty Plates” arc was interesting. It begins with character downtime in this episode, moves to a (hopefully) quite interesting (and intense) social interaction-heavy second episode, and finally a combat heavy final show to round it out. I didn’t intend it that way, but it worked out quite well.

I have this all fresh on the brain because this week I accomplished a feat that even I’m a bit proud of. I buckled down and managed to completely edit the full episodes of both S1E16 and S1E17!

That ends up being over two and a half hours of content, and it all flows together rather nicely, as have past episodes too of course. Much is this is thanks to the incorporation of the Cryo Chamber music. In another feat of synchronicity, the album Aokigahara matched up (almost) perfectly with the flow of Episode 16 (and that’s from the recap on).

As 17 was more combat focused, I relied more heavily on the old staples of Kevin MacLeod and David Fesliyan to keep things exciting, though still managed to string some Halgrath dark ambient through it to bookend that fight and ramp things up to a whole new level…

I can’t believe I got it all done.

Technically (since I too will be taking a break for Blackspire) this means I won’t need to have S1E18 edited until the first week of February. I have recording to take me through 22, and while I do feel a very strong twinge to get 18 knocked out as well so I could actually risk enjoying January and not worrying about the next episode that needs (so much) work… but for now at least I’m setting it aside so I can focus on my upcoming lecture at the Theosophical Society (also approaching at break-neck speed).

Still, in a weird twist… it seems (through no will of his own) Jim Meyer‘s hiatus from the Laughfinder podcast now appears to be a permanent thing. Not my place to comment, other than Jim at least has expressed a strong design to record and play again… and even to do some side session stuff… which I do want to do at some point.

Soon, right? Sometime soon.

Also, I managed to put the (final) final touches on the intro/outro and character bio scripts for the To Baator and Back episodes, and sent them over to Aaron and the three guys from Red Moon Roleplaying. Those guys seem quite keen to record their parts and get their back to me, but I advised them not to rush. They should take their time and think about a few things that they might want to add to the final episodes, and additionally I warned them with my upcoming lecture I probably wouldn’t be able to start editing until the New Year anyway.

I’m excited to hear what they will eventually provide for me, though. I’ve been listening to their (Patreon-exclusive) KULT: Taroticum series, which is striking a lot of the same notes as their initial Black Madonna campaign, which is what made me a fan of theirs in the first place… and I’m hopeful that we might even go one step further with Baator… if I can edit it all together well.

I do think that one thing I may do is add the seven episodes I have them edited as currently, as “cleaned up, but otherwise raw” cuts of it for my Blackspire Patreon feed. RMR will still get the final Cryo Chamber/Planescape: Torment music cut for their feed… which is what I’m counting on getting the most attention anyway… and eventually I’ll create the Blackspire “remastered” version which will include all my usual SFX tricks, more varied music, etc… not gonna try to hang any kind of date on that version though… first things first…

However, in a nice other bit of synchronicity… the How We Roll podcast (which you may recall first approached me oh so long ago about using my Lovecraft piece) happened to run an interview one of their core members Eoghan happened to have done with none other than Mattiaz from Red Moon Roleplaying. And while he didn’t mention anything specific, more than once he brought up our Planescape game.

And he was talking about it like it was a recent thing, so chances are the interview was done way back in August or possibly September.

Rolling with…Red Moon Roleplaying

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting everyone’s recording back (it will end up being a lot of content… 20K+ words) and the whole seven-episode arc done and live ASAP, though I’m also thankful to have it (at least temporarily) off my plate.

In somewhat related news, I’ve heard back from the new podcast starting up called Running the Table that wants to have me on their show.

I’m going to be featured on their Story & Setting episode, which if you think about what Adventure Hook and Blackspire are, this is more or less what I do. As a new show, who knows who may hear the episode one day, but it should be fun regardless… and I want to be more a part of the community anyway.

Also, I finally managed to get one of my designs through Merch by Amazon’s AI gatekeepers (even they know nobody owns the IPs to Greek Myth) and so finally have the first of my t-shirt designs up on their site. It’s the image I created for my wife Jenny’s Etsy shop Ariadnae’s Thread.

Of late, Jenny’s embroidery kick has led her to creating some of the magick staves found in the book we brough back from our trip to Iceland: Sorcerer’s Screed The Icelandic Book of Magic Spells. It now hangs over my side of the bed to serve as a dream-catcher of sorts…

Seal of King Solomon Stave

Seal of King Solomon Stave

The page from Sorcerer’s Screed

This too is slightly serendipitous, as I’d mentioned that book some weeks ago on the episode of Adventure Hook that ended up being Episode 15: The Witch in the Hunting Grounds that we’d recorded back in early November.

Episode 15: The Witch in the Hunting Grounds

She’s done quite a number of different staves already, and once she acquires tools she can consecrate to the task, she’ll start taking commissions on what basically amount to magickal amulets or talismans. Brother Enlil has already expressed some interest, as we’ve been talking a little Temple of the Western Gate stuff this week… nothing I can share yet.

He won’t be making it to my lecture which is really, really happening next week already. I’ve been in talks with the coordinator and they’ve announced the talk through Facebook.

"Magick 202: The Formula of Ritual" with Robert Randle. Join him for an in-depth presentation of what a spell is, how to create and cast a complete spell from start to finish.There will be a small ritual at the end; participation is optional.

She also needed some resources to share, so I gave her some slides from my videos.

The Five Elements

The Fifth Element

I feel like I should promote more, or even make some quicky video for YouTube so that my 450+ subscribers know about the talk, but one… if I was going to do that, I probably should have done it a month ago, and two… like it or no (and the answer is a resounding NO) any and all my attempts at self-promotion seem to have the opposite effect.

Or maybe I’m just trying to feel less embarrassed by the fact that very few people seem to want to show for these. Or even know about it. Not that I seem to help. At. Fucking. All.

Let’s see what happens this time when I say nothing. Can’t be worse than when I try otherwise.

I can’t wait until this is over with, recorded, and spirit-willing, with material enough to make some decent videos out of. Who knows, it might even push me into a range where YouTube pays me something. It may also pave the way for where we may go with TotWG…

I’ve also been kicking around the idea of trying to create a “best-of” scenes from Blackspire, and somehow turn that into a promo video for YouTube. But the last thing I need is more work… especially wheel-spinning, water-treading bullshit like self-promotion.

And of course, Jenny and I are also in the holiday hell of trying to pick out Christmas gifts for everyone in my family. Still we had some good ideas this year, and even swung by the yearly pottery sale Towson University holds, and once again picked up some pretty neat handmade items that will make some great gifts.

Don’t want to spoil anything for anyone… just know we’ve most excited to be shopping for our little nephew.

Lots to do before the Solstice.


So lots…


Friday 12/7/18-

Sun: Sagittarius–

Moon: Sagittarius (NEW)

If you’d like to start from the “beginning” of all this… you can read from my first blog post.

For my disclosure on this or any of my posts or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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