Yikes… so 2016 didn’t seem to want to let go without leaving some claw marks. Mix in Mercury retrograde, and both my wife and I had some severe year-end shake-ups…

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While it was a rough ride there for a while, I gotta say I do kinda enjoy Loki’s amplified challenges, as we rode through them all (speedier traffic doesn’t jam if everyone drives correctly…) and I’ll argue ultimately we’re both the better for it.

I’d also received a call from “The Friend”, and when we talked she told me about a very sick friend named Roger who is in need of healing right away and she asked if I’d be able to do some kind of candle magick for him. I was honestly touched she thought of me for this, and while she couldn’t give me a ton of info to work with, I did my best with what I had to go on and was able to prepare something in time to light it in the hour of the Sun.

Healing candle for Roger T.

Healing candle for Roger T.

Later that day I had a very strange experience, and while I don’t usually write about this kind of internal stuff, it was significant enough to me it seems worth sharing.

While meditating on nothing in particular I suddenly had a fairly clear hypnogogic vision of what seemed like a large crystal pyramid, though it wasn’t made of solid faces, but there were open planes running all across the surface, including an open band around the perimeter about 2/3 of the way up. The structure seemed to be made of a really pale amethyst (like what occurs in that stone when its purple color fades to almost grey-white), and quickly rotating about the band were dozens of floating blocks, which also sported structured crystals of blue, indigo, and violet.


Quick (poor) sketch I tried to make post-meditation

The capstone of the pyramid was also floating above the lower amethyst portion, and that was also made up of many of these interlocking indigo crystals. There was a brilliant column of white line shining down through the revolving capstone and illuminated the entire pyramid structure with the pale violet-white light I attribute to the Crown chakra.

Without a second thought I was like “I’m going in there“.

So I flew inside the open band, dodging the blue band of crystals that were whizzing by (widdershins) and found a chamber inside (not that big really) where the light terminated and I sat right down in the center of it to continue meditating and aspiring to the Light of the Most High…

Now all that you could definitely say was all imagination, and you’d not be wrong, but the thing was when I was “sitting” in the Light, I felt a real, physical sensation, a strong pressure pushing down on the crown of my skull, like being under a heavy stream of water (though even less intermittent than that, more like a “beam”). Now, on occasion in the past I’ve felt something like a “spike” of pressure pierce the top of my head during a Middle Pillar ritual or something similar, but this was something different. This felt very physical, I could even feel my neck contract slightly from the force. I resolved to stay in it and stay present for as long as I could sustain it, and while it was happening I felt a real surge of my own kundalini, so I took some time and did my best to send Roger T. as much good mojo as I could muster. The vision faded not long after, but I felt great the rest of the day.

Weird I know, but looks like 2017 is off to a good start.


Monday 1/2/17-

Sun: Capricorn-

Moon: Pisces-

For my disclosure on this or any of my post or pages… please visit my Disclosure page.

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